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"I was on the verge of divorce. Truth be told we both had made mistakes. We were very young when we met. What started out as a storybook romance turned ugly. We took each other for granted. We somehow lost the spark in our relationship. I felt sick both spiritually and physically. I was experiencing terrible head aches. My body felt sluggish. I was angry all the time and miserable. A friend suggested I call Psychic Giovanna. What a blessing! I was amazed at the accuracy of my Psychic Reading. Giovanna really got it. She spent so much time with me. Her patience, kindness and guidance helped bring my husband back. I can’t thank you enough!"

Leeann, New York
"Psychic Giovanna’s psychic ability is completely impressive. During my Love Reading she wowed me with the accurate details of my previous marriage! She is one of the most intelligent, compassionate, caring individuals I have ever come across! What a god sent! Her team worked with me through my divorce. I think I called everyday!
Through their work, the negativity in my life has cleared.
I don’t know what I would have done without their advice!"
Sarah, New Jersey
"Giovanna, as you’ll find out is a very special person. What can I say? AMAZING! I feel very relieved and confident after my Psychic Reading. As if a huge weight has been lifted. Her insight confirmed the messages my gut has been sending me. She picked up on events without me saying a word!
I am a believer and I will be back! Hugs and Love!"
June, Connecticut
"I had an email reading with Giovanna. She answered immediately which gave me confidence to proceed. I made an appointment to see her. I am a business man who was experiencing a melt down. Her advice was fantastic! She lifted the misery and uncertainties I was feeling. What a relief! My confidence returned! The psychic consultation was a realization. Due to time limitations, Giovanna skyped with me while traveling. She guided me along each step until my case was completed! What an amazing intuition! I will continue to work with Giovanna. Her help is worth the world to me."